Monday, December 6, 2010

Hmm, Let's Begin Here

If yesterday's and my latest posts show that I'm so desperate of my life. It's true. I was depressed by a lot of things. Many things happened and I felt loneliness (which is just an impact of my exaggerating side, which is not completely true). I was a negative person, as my bf told me, and yeah it's true. I often think about this and that, well, they're not actually needed, they even wrecked my day.

Til something happened yesterday. I was told about a really touchy-real life story, about a person I hated ( not hate actually, I was jealous of her). And it made my heart cry, I don't know why it sounded so sad and also made me feel sorry that I have hated her for some stupid reasons. I was so shallow-minded. Frankly, she was the one who made someone I know so well changed in a good way. I'm thankful for that.

I'm almost seventeen right now and wondering why I still act like a 14 year old girl? haha. I really want to change. So here I am. A brand new day, a brand new me. I'm no longer a cold hearted and shallow kid anymore. I am different and want to stay like this forever :)

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