Saturday, August 29, 2009


Udah puas ketawa, Sha?
Puas banget. Ngetawain diri sendiri pula.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Heaven On Earth

First, I'm looking for money to buy plane tickets. Where? Don't ask, where ever. I need vacation, you can't make me study hard all the time, can you? I ain't a robot.
Second, Hey let's talk about tomorrow, it's Saturday. I only had one out of five weeks for doing my ekskul, how pathetic. I'm gonna have Belanda and kecantikan lesson, finally. Weeks with no ekskul were so boring. They removed Saturday Schedule easily without thinking of HOW could teachers give us a proper test for the report. They didn't even get much time.
I'm just thinking. Sometimes I can be more organized than y'all. Maybe it is not sometimes but often.
The last ones, follow me on twitter. I am crazy about it right now and well yah you know what the reason is. And just want to say this: This is our country we have to protect, I don't like any kind of chauvinism.
Okay. Good night. Bye.

Monday, August 17, 2009

10 Random Facts

I'm so moody these days. Why is that?
1. I am happy because I am following William Moseley and Skandar Keynes on twitter now. I'm a new member and still learning, but deeply interested in it.
2. I am getting tired of school. Everything in it is sucks.
3. I don't know which side I am in. Everybody is confusing right now, they are busy with their own amusements.
4. I watched G.I. Joe and fell in love with Channing Tatum. He is the real hottie. Wondering if there's a second G.I Joe.
5. Everybody is in kepo condition and so am I. But I know everything and I don't think they need to know.
6. You people are boring, you should make them more attractive. Lazy not ready enough for school.
7. Nobody cares about me, well yah I don't hope either.
8. I'm alone, I feel lonely, I feel terrible when I'm listening to something I'm not supposed to hear. Just thinking I'd better if I don't know about it.
9. I am happy for you!
10. I still love will and ever.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

About This And That

(click to enlarge)
About three things I absolutely addicted to recently. It seemed really bad at first, it was getting better, but now I feel worse. I miss junior high, I love the second picture, seriously. I don't enjoy the new daily routine. A kind of wasting-time-business. Aaaaarr I wanna go to minimarket and buy a dozen OREO. My friend told me about how to eat OREO deliciously hahah and I'm curious....... . ... . . . She said: put OREO in a bowl, then pour a little fluid milk, and crush the oreo. That's it. Oh I'm feeling hungry now, but I haven't got any OREO in my fridge.
P.S. I beg my mum to buy me a ticket for Mr. Big, they are going to be here soon!