Sunday, November 29, 2009

So Sweet

So sweet both of you. I'd love to see you go out together. Erm, I love blogging so much lately, but I don't really know what I want to talk about, so sorry if I post some rubbish. I know this blog is not that interesting. Anyway, I am not gonna post anything after 2 weeks from now. It is because of exams. So have fun!

Friday, November 27, 2009


I give you a giant smile because I am so happy today! I've never felt so happy like this since August. Well, it might be the one of many changes in my life. I am so terribly satisfied, laughing all the time, and I just can't stop smiling. Smiling is the best activity in the world! Aaaaaaaw, I can't handle it. You may think I am moody or crazy but the real me is here. The real me is finally back. I am back! Oh well, if you are trying to make my mood goes down, big fault, it's not affective. I hope I will be this happy for tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, the next weeks and forever. I feel so good to be like this.


Thursday, November 26, 2009

Hanya Satu

Apa kamu pernah mendengar cerita tentang seorang anak manusia?
Dia berwujud.
Dia punya tubuh.
Dia berjiwa raga.
Dia seperti manusia.
Dia hampir sama seperti kita.
Hanya satu yang membuatnya berbeda.
Yang membuatnya menjadi amat berbeda...

Hatinya kosong melompong. Di dalam hatinya tidak terdapat apa-apa.
Tidak ada cinta, tidak ada kasih sayang, yang ada hanya kebencian dan dendam.

Maaf, kalau saya bilang kamu menyerupai binatang, tapi memang benar kan?

Friday, November 20, 2009

Google As I Do

Everytime I get bored I googled. Topic today: Sinkhole. Anyone knows what sinkhole is in Bahasa? I googled then found that sinkhole is a natural disaster which is caused by the removal of soil above water. Never happen in Indonesia perhaps. Are they fantastic, unbelievable, or scary? It makes me shudder honestly, it's a natural disaster, it can happen anywhere and anytime. There are so many more interesting sinkholes but I think these ones are still the prettiest.

Mirnie Diamond Mine - Siberia:

there was a truck!

This sinkhole wasn't natural, people made this to collect diamond underground. They were successfuly did it though.

Diavik Mine - Canada

Human-maid too.

Great Blue Hole - Belize
Underwater cave under the sinkhole

Y ?

Why girls always see boys from their face, fame, and money?
Why boys always see girls from their face, posture, and popularity?
Why they do not see their talents, their character, goodness, honesty, loyalty, heart?
Why girls are so hurt when boys disappeared without a word?
Why boys do hate when girls going out with somebody else (even they are girls)?
Why girls feel so broken if they broke up?
Why boys can find other girls easily just in a couple minutes?
Why oh why life is definitely confusing and unfair?

Friday, November 13, 2009

Not In Love :p

There are times. You're so impossible that I should sign a waiver
And you will find. Someone worth walking on when you ask me to go
-The wind blows - AAR

Damn, girl, dry your eyes
You stole my heart, and then you kicked it aside
No, girl you can't see
When he's inside you know there's no room for me
-Damn girl - AAR

Even though I want you. Even though I need you
Even though my heart is screaming, Still believing we could fall in love
Even though I want you. Even though I need you
Even though we won't find better. We can't stay together
-Stay together - Mr.Big

If it sounds like I am broken, it's so not true. I'm happy with my love life. Although sometimes I get bored with it or even frustrated. The reason is school. It drives me crazy and out of control. It really takes my teen spirit and often I feel so old (I am old, but I feel any older). No more 9 pm sleep time. I truly hate it. I feel sleepy all day long, I can't enjoy my Sunday, never sleep well every Sunday night, nightmares come and go after me, I don't have time to read comic books. Well, the last thing is unimportant, but I miss my old daily-routine so badly.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

If I Were One of Them

Crazy night. I enjoyed the day so much. They sang, they danced, they yelled like there's no tomorrow. Wondering why canisians can enjoy their school life, haven't they got homework and exams? I wish I were one of them, I wish so badly.

By the way, it has been exactly a year since I have been writing on my blog.