Thursday, April 30, 2009

You People Have No Imagination

I'm addicted to Sylar these days. Yes, I really am. Aaaaah he's just so awesome.

Maybe I adore either Sylar or Zachary Quinto. And I adore Heroes and all the members. That TV series makes me crazy. I have to spend 2 hours once a week and wait patiently just for watch Heroes! But I do it haha. Wasting time, huh? I don't think so. I prefer waiting for Heroes to watching Indonesian yuck and boring drama series. Indonesian directors need more imagination.
Zachary Quinto also plays in Star Trek although he's not look so special there, his hair is bop haha. Interested in him? Click Zachary Quinto Official Website to know him better and better, he is a SUPER ! But why does he play as an antagonist character? Yeah, he looks so fit with Sylar, but I think he would be more adoreable if he played as a charming character.
People say that he looks like Cesc Fabregas haha do you think so? Well, my brother said so haha, I prefer Zac! Vote for Sylar!

This is out of topic: Errm, this feeling is getting stronger and stronger and I think I need to tell this to someone aaaaa. Nobody will listening, okay I know. But I have to share this to anyone or anything, NOW. I don't want to spread my personal life on this post, but I just think that I'm being different from I used to be. Please help me, yes honestly I'm really enjoying my life now
, but I'm tired to pretend like there's nothing have happened. haha okay forget this paragraph, I just want to show people that I am trying! It's just not easy. (Do not leave comments about this paragraph)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Go Green Skirts

I don't know why the date on my computer is still 26th April. The fact is, today is 27th April, so... Dear my dearest, Happy Belated 22nd Birthday

Smile, Will. Keep handstand and juggling haha. God bless ;)


Well, today is the first day of National Exam. Whooh, a tiring day, actually I didn't do the Bahasa Exam well, I hoped I could pass this with good score without study HAHA, impossible. And like the girls said, Skirts have to be better than pants this year (I know it sounds a little bit stupid or weird, but we must make it come true).

Deseamos ser el nĂºmero uno, Desideriamo essere numero uno, We want to be number one. I really do want Sanurians get the highest score and they do too and so do you, so please fight for it. Much better than last year, and of course; Number one in Jakarta, better than the pants hahaha. Amen. I probably should do some practices with English now, I'm not good at English. Wish me luck :D

Saturday, April 18, 2009

laughter makes everything fine

yesterday I went to DUFAN with all of my 9th grader friends (well, not all. but almost). we had a really great time. Laugh and scream. Forgot my test(s) and assignment so we just had fun.

seperti biasa, gua gak berani naek yang serem serem jadinya gua cuma naik:

gua dipaksa evelyn mj caroline sw supaya duduk paling belakang padahal kalo duduk di tengah aja gua udah takut stengah mati, apalagi di belakang. dasar gila tuh mereka. tapi akhirnya gua duduk dua baris dari belakang bareng evelyn(we probably looked like freak). selama main kaki gua udah gak nyentuh kora-kora, udah melayang, jadinya cuma pegangan sama besi. banyak yang terjadi seperti misalnya;
"belakang yuk, masa gak berani sih. kan seru banget"
"yaudah tapi gua boleh tereak di kuping lu ya haha"
"ah gua gak mau paling pinggir nih, tuker dong"
"gua juga gak berani gila haha"
kora-kora dimulai dan semakin cepat dan semakin tinggi
"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" (beneran tereak di kuping evelyn)
"buset budek gua"
"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" (beneran tereak di kuping evelyn)
"gua gak kuat tereak lagi nih"
waktu selesai, gua udah lemes

gua duduk bareng marjess, gua duduk di kanan. artinya gua duduk di tempat yang kegencet, bukan menggencet. awal-awal sih biasa aja, lama lama wiii gua udah gak bisa gerak karena kegencet.
"woi gua gak bisa gerak nih"
"poni guaaaa"
"liat di kaca, seberapa leganya tempat lo dan seberapa sempit tempat gua haha"
"gua juga udah gak bisa gerak nih hahaha"
"weh ada orang india moto kita waktu lagi jelek lagi"
ada bunyi kretek kretek, dan tak lama kemudian ada yang membasahi celana gua
begitu gua liat ternyataaaa... botol minum gua tumpah karna kegencet jadinya celana gua sama marjess basah hahahah begok.

yes favorit gua nih hahaha soalnya enak gitu, gak berasa apa-apa tapi adem, jadi bisa tidur tiduran deh. sama foto-foto paling.

okeh gapenting, cuma nembakin alien buduk doang, score gua cuma 9100.

yang kuda-kudaan itu loh, namanya komedi putar bukan sih? maen ini asik banget woooo. pengen lagi ahhh hahahaa terus tempatnya juga asik buat foto-fot0.

dan gua gak naik arung jeram karena males basah, jadi gua dan olen jagain tas-tas mereka dan evelyn motoin mereka yang main arung jeram wek. mana maennya dua kali lagi hahaha. terus foto-foto gila, seperti misalnya foto loncat berbelas belas kali soalnya gak pernah ada yang jadi

ato foto dengan gaya jijik

ato foto dengan kacamata item jadinya kaya orang buta

dan banyak foto candid yang dodol banget abis loncat, seperti misalnya foto boyband. okedeh emang lebih asik gilanya daripada mainnya hahaha.

Monday, April 13, 2009

fly me there, please

helloooooo! pra uas is not over yet aaaah die you! After I did my tests, over all I don't think I will get a good score, but so what? who cares? okay forget it for a while, now I just want to have FUN yes fun. Fun with pictures yeah.


Place: New Zealand
That's the beach in Narnia Prince Caspian, when the Pevensies entered Narnia.

I never think that New Zealand is interesting. But after I saw them, and ohmyGod it's so A-W-E-S-O-M-E. I have to go there, I swear.

okay, I probably should do my project. Bye ;p

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

forget school stuffs for a day

I have nothing to do, so I'm writing this now. But I don't know what to write, sooo...

just talk about 6 super WOW people who make a sweet dent on my life. Whom I addicted to ;P

William Peter Moseley
as High King Peter Pevensie the Magnificent in the Chronicles of Narnia.
dob: 21 April 1987
height: 180 cm

Zachary Quinto
as Sylar or Gabriel Gray in Heroes TV series
dob: 2 June 1977
height: 185 cm
look, he wore a cool Ts!

Steven Gerrard
he is not an actor, but he does SPORT. Football player for English and The Reds
dob: 30 May 1980
height: 183 cm

Brad Pitt
as Ben in Benjamin Button and as John Smith in Mr. and Mrs. Smith
dob: 18 December 1963
height: 180 cm

Jim Sturgess
as Ben Campbell in Twenty One
dob: 16 May 1981
height: 184 cm

Chace Crawford
as Nathaniel Archibald in Gossip Girl Tv series
dob: 18 July 1985
height: 183 cm

ahahaha they are perfect right?

well, I am going to have PRA UAS next Monday, so there will be no new post until next week. and better I say HAPPY EASTER now hahaha. byebyeee :D.