Saturday, February 21, 2009

i ain't a metal robot

HELLO blog! so looooong time no post haha. oh man, I have a bad news for you. For everyone who are in 9th grade. I'm sure you all have known that we will have "latian try out negara" next week. and oh please, I have a lot of things to do for next week, such as: ujian praktek musik, ul plkj, ul bio, mind map bio, tugas kompi, musikalisasi puisi, etc etc mati aje deh gue!
I need to SCREAM now. I'm going crazy, and you're insane OR IDIOT. Don't you know that people can be FREAKING TIRED?

I need them! But they don't care, they don't even realise anything. I need them! But they're not here, too busy with their own amusement. I need them! But they are laughing like there's nothing happened. But I need them, Because i know i heart them :DD
And I hate **** who called me FREAK even though she was just kidding. I don't need you sucks! I hate you girl, sorry : ) But not only me, but also a lot of people do.

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