Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I Finally Understand Why They Used To Be That Famous

Because he (Harrison), Starr, Lennon, and Mccartney were just too amazing to be true. And they played impressively fabulous.

I am crazy about them lately. Dad and my brother was talking about what The Beatles' songs are famous (we didn't know much about them) he told us some titles and I knew I never heard any of them. We searched them on youtube and... Voila! We had heard all of them and just didn't know who sings those songs and what the titles are. No wonder why everybody knows them. Their songs are still sung and played ever since the 60 s.

All I want to say is: The Beatles might have been the best band ever.
*I will put their music videos later.


Nirmala Nadiaputri said...

hahaha sha gw gak tau lo juga suka the beatles, sangat disayangkan mereka bubar ya, mereka emg band plg oke hahaha

Shasha said...

gua sukanya baru baru ini kok nir. hahaha kalo lu kan emang udah dari lama. mereka emang kereeeen banget. semua lagunya everlasting gitu.

Nirmala Nadiaputri said...

iya lagunya emg kereen smua hahaha, apalagi paul paling keren hahaha

Shasha said...

iya paul keren, tapi gua lebih suka harrison hahaha.