Sunday, February 7, 2010

Wish Me Luck

Five words describe me lately:
Lonely, moody, gloomy, careless, unlucky.
Such a perfect thing to start a February

I am out of luck.
The Goddess of fortune is running away from my side.
Just like everyone else do.

I miss past times
Past is always so much better than the present.
That's why I need a time machine.

Still regret something that I should have done from June 2007.
Yeah, June 2007 was my turning point.

Now it's just too late to fix anything.

And then I'm stuck with these frustrating days.
I want to cry, but I don't.
Because I have promised to myself.

Sigh, I think I got the most complicated and unsolvable life problem.

I make my blog a rubbish bin, sorry. Wew, I don't need to apologize, I'm the owner.


daniawwrr said...

shasha! don't do that to yourself. if you feel like crying, that's what you need. it might help and it'll make you feel better. ayo semangat! percaya positif thinking hahahah

Shasha said...

aaaay dania, thankyouuu!