Thursday, January 8, 2009

stand by me, nobody knows

oh geez i'm addicted to ROCK. yeah rock especially OASIS, MR. BIG, and JET. wuoaaa you're all rock. hey yah rock you. berbanggalah kalian karena udah gua nobatkan jadi band favorit gua selama 1 bulan ini ajajajaja. i've been listening to your songs for umm three hours! while bikin kartulsetangrmblgrmbl. and i love them! (love the songs not the kartul)

bring back the 90s dude!
OASIS : stand by me, fade away, the shock of the lighting, whatever
MR. BIG : wild world, to be with you, nothing but love, colorado bulldog, just take my heart
JET : are you gonna be my girl, cold hard bitch, look what you've done

emang lagu lama sih. tapi gapapalah daripada dengerin band rock indo (ngakunya rock padahal bukan) yang lenjalenje terus vokalisnya kaya lagi nahan boker 3 bulan. band rock indo yang bener cuma SLANK. lagian hampir semua lagu lama itu enak-enak malah jadi legendary sampe sekarang.

and my favourite quote (i got it from the lyrics)
Stand by me,
Nobody knows the way it’s gonna be
stand by me - oasis

check this out, for now this is my favourite song :DD

Liam Gallagher (the vocalist) becomes my new idol

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