Sunday, April 26, 2009

Go Green Skirts

I don't know why the date on my computer is still 26th April. The fact is, today is 27th April, so... Dear my dearest, Happy Belated 22nd Birthday

Smile, Will. Keep handstand and juggling haha. God bless ;)


Well, today is the first day of National Exam. Whooh, a tiring day, actually I didn't do the Bahasa Exam well, I hoped I could pass this with good score without study HAHA, impossible. And like the girls said, Skirts have to be better than pants this year (I know it sounds a little bit stupid or weird, but we must make it come true).

Deseamos ser el n├║mero uno, Desideriamo essere numero uno, We want to be number one. I really do want Sanurians get the highest score and they do too and so do you, so please fight for it. Much better than last year, and of course; Number one in Jakarta, better than the pants hahaha. Amen. I probably should do some practices with English now, I'm not good at English. Wish me luck :D

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