Thursday, April 30, 2009

You People Have No Imagination

I'm addicted to Sylar these days. Yes, I really am. Aaaaah he's just so awesome.

Maybe I adore either Sylar or Zachary Quinto. And I adore Heroes and all the members. That TV series makes me crazy. I have to spend 2 hours once a week and wait patiently just for watch Heroes! But I do it haha. Wasting time, huh? I don't think so. I prefer waiting for Heroes to watching Indonesian yuck and boring drama series. Indonesian directors need more imagination.
Zachary Quinto also plays in Star Trek although he's not look so special there, his hair is bop haha. Interested in him? Click Zachary Quinto Official Website to know him better and better, he is a SUPER ! But why does he play as an antagonist character? Yeah, he looks so fit with Sylar, but I think he would be more adoreable if he played as a charming character.
People say that he looks like Cesc Fabregas haha do you think so? Well, my brother said so haha, I prefer Zac! Vote for Sylar!

This is out of topic: Errm, this feeling is getting stronger and stronger and I think I need to tell this to someone aaaaa. Nobody will listening, okay I know. But I have to share this to anyone or anything, NOW. I don't want to spread my personal life on this post, but I just think that I'm being different from I used to be. Please help me, yes honestly I'm really enjoying my life now
, but I'm tired to pretend like there's nothing have happened. haha okay forget this paragraph, I just want to show people that I am trying! It's just not easy. (Do not leave comments about this paragraph)

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