Tuesday, April 7, 2009

forget school stuffs for a day

I have nothing to do, so I'm writing this now. But I don't know what to write, sooo...

just talk about 6 super WOW people who make a sweet dent on my life. Whom I addicted to ;P

William Peter Moseley
as High King Peter Pevensie the Magnificent in the Chronicles of Narnia.
dob: 21 April 1987
height: 180 cm

Zachary Quinto
as Sylar or Gabriel Gray in Heroes TV series
dob: 2 June 1977
height: 185 cm
look, he wore a cool Ts!

Steven Gerrard
he is not an actor, but he does SPORT. Football player for English and The Reds
dob: 30 May 1980
height: 183 cm

Brad Pitt
as Ben in Benjamin Button and as John Smith in Mr. and Mrs. Smith
dob: 18 December 1963
height: 180 cm

Jim Sturgess
as Ben Campbell in Twenty One
dob: 16 May 1981
height: 184 cm

Chace Crawford
as Nathaniel Archibald in Gossip Girl Tv series
dob: 18 July 1985
height: 183 cm

ahahaha they are perfect right?

well, I am going to have PRA UAS next Monday, so there will be no new post until next week. and better I say HAPPY EASTER now hahaha. byebyeee :D.

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