Sunday, July 12, 2009

Man, I Am Senior Now

Hey! The holiday is almost finished in couple of days. And I'm happy of it. I don't like this holiday actually, absolutely do nothing important. My daily amusements currently: wake up in the morning, go jogging, eat, take a nap, read comic books, text some friends, do practice piano and guitar, I wait patiently for Harry Potter, G.I. Joe, and Public Enemies, watch DVD, and watch the presidential election newest updates. The last one is really amusing haha! We can see who the silliest are and they still want to be the winner. How pathetic. Please act your age, Sir and Madame! Sorry no offense, but you guys talk like little kids. Just face the facts, it's not your turn yet. Especially someone (I'm not mentioning any name).

I still cry and it can't stop, still don't know the reason. I miss going to school, I miss my superb girls, I miss gossiping and being stupid with them, I really miss someone, she is going to a different school now, maybe we'll not meet for weeks. It won't be the same without her :'''''( .....and I am missing something, probably. I am afraid of SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL. Read the bold word, feel it, which means I am getting older and older. Noooo, I want to be a teenager forever. Next year I'm going to be 17 (tua banget sih).

Picture above is my footprints when I was in Belitung. Just for your information, I finally cut my hair off! YEAH I do love this hair, will start to hate it when it's getting longer. Hehahehah.
**Please answer: Do I look like a mean girl? Or AM I a mean girl?** Sometimes I hear that on my mind.

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