Sunday, July 5, 2009

Hello Fellas. Hello Feelings

Let's say HELLO to Michael Learns To Rock. Who doesn't know MLTR? Everybody knows them, rite? Old and young people do love them. If you never hear this band before, at least you know their song. You just don't know who sings that song. Okay, check this video out. Let it goes into your heart slowly and deeply. Listen to it. Sing it. Feel it. Love it.

Michael Learns To Rock - That's Why You Go Away (I think this is the most famous, everybody knows it)

I got beautiful words:
Paint my love you should paint my love
It's the picture of thousand sunsets
It's the freedom of a thousand doves
Baby you should paint my love
(This is my favourite lyrics from Paint My Love)

Take Me To Your Heart. Paint My Love. Breaking My Heart. That's Why You Go Away
Personally think Paint My love is better, but That's Why You Go is more popular. I only know four songs, sure they still have another well-known songs. They started playing as a band in 1988, ya know? Why 'learns to rock'? They DO play and sing rock fabulously anyway. And they are Danish.
Do I have to say it again? Bring back the 80s and 90s, dude! Hard to find some good Indonesian bands these days. Too much rubbish. Sorry, but that's true.

About my life recently, don't know why I cry all the time. I'm not interested to find out. Perhaps it wasn't meant to be figured out. Impossible you will read this post but not too bad to say this here: You can come and go away easily in my life. You know what? I am trying to forget you so hard to death.

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