Wednesday, August 5, 2009

About This And That

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About three things I absolutely addicted to recently. It seemed really bad at first, it was getting better, but now I feel worse. I miss junior high, I love the second picture, seriously. I don't enjoy the new daily routine. A kind of wasting-time-business. Aaaaarr I wanna go to minimarket and buy a dozen OREO. My friend told me about how to eat OREO deliciously hahah and I'm curious....... . ... . . . She said: put OREO in a bowl, then pour a little fluid milk, and crush the oreo. That's it. Oh I'm feeling hungry now, but I haven't got any OREO in my fridge.
P.S. I beg my mum to buy me a ticket for Mr. Big, they are going to be here soon!

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