Saturday, October 17, 2009

One Bite and Chew

A pack of souvenirs finally arrived to my house yesterday. My cousins went to Philippine like months ago, they sent the gifts yesterday. It's kinda really late, huh? Well, never mind. My mind is battling, should I eat less or not. If I should, it will be too hard to struggle against my snacking hobby. If I shouldn't, I am getting fatter (not taller). Great, it's dilemma. I have been eating four polvorons (souvenir from Philipine) today. My favourite: cookies and cream polvoron. So scrumptious. I love all the polvoron flavour actually which makes me fat. Ya ya ya this post is not so important i know.
By the way, I saw The Ugly Truth yesterday. That was cool and sweet ♥. People are falling in love everywhere, everytime, nobody knows. People even can be in love with their enemies one day. Life and love are complicated, aren't they? In real life, my friend(s) are in love too (err it's more appropriate to say they have a crush) and I'm happy for them! Me and Vina little bit sirik sih hahaha. I want to focus on school first, maybe this is not the time yet to think about something goes with love thingy.

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