Friday, November 20, 2009

Google As I Do

Everytime I get bored I googled. Topic today: Sinkhole. Anyone knows what sinkhole is in Bahasa? I googled then found that sinkhole is a natural disaster which is caused by the removal of soil above water. Never happen in Indonesia perhaps. Are they fantastic, unbelievable, or scary? It makes me shudder honestly, it's a natural disaster, it can happen anywhere and anytime. There are so many more interesting sinkholes but I think these ones are still the prettiest.

Mirnie Diamond Mine - Siberia:

there was a truck!

This sinkhole wasn't natural, people made this to collect diamond underground. They were successfuly did it though.

Diavik Mine - Canada

Human-maid too.

Great Blue Hole - Belize
Underwater cave under the sinkhole


Evelyn Faustina said...

sha itu sinkhole keren bgt. tau darimana sha? ckckc, tapi emg agk serem sih. trs yg blue hole keren! ahaha

Shasha said...

dari heroes vlyn hahaha. kaya ada adegan orang2 mati gara2 sinkhole, tp waktu itu gua gatau sinkhole itu apaan.

Evelyn Faustina said...

wuih keren deh sha! hahah