Friday, November 27, 2009


I give you a giant smile because I am so happy today! I've never felt so happy like this since August. Well, it might be the one of many changes in my life. I am so terribly satisfied, laughing all the time, and I just can't stop smiling. Smiling is the best activity in the world! Aaaaaaaw, I can't handle it. You may think I am moody or crazy but the real me is here. The real me is finally back. I am back! Oh well, if you are trying to make my mood goes down, big fault, it's not affective. I hope I will be this happy for tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, the next weeks and forever. I feel so good to be like this.




wihi shashaaa enak banget lu :)

daniawwrr said...

wow so glad to see you happy hahahaha

Shasha said...

heahehaha thanks thanksss! ayo semuanya pada happy aja, gausah mikirin yang sedih-sedih.