Monday, March 9, 2009

help me, urgently!

heyhey bloggie, I have a few requests for you. Here they are:

1. I want to change my e-mail address, but I don't know what will it be.
2. I want to add songs in my post, but how?
3. I'm thinking about a better new haircut because my now haircut is absolutely boring and errr. So, what kind of haircut do you think good for me?
4. I have to go running for 45minutes every weekend in the morning but I can't wake up earlier. I always feel sleepy and tired.
5. I'd love to join a tennis course. But I don't have time to do it.
6. I think go fishing is a cool habit. But I never go fishing and I need friends to teach me.

If you get any idea, please tell me. Thanks :D

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