Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Dammi Una Ducati

This is the first time I feel an interest in automotive. I even never thought about it before, like automotive is really not my things. Sometimes watch MotoGP or F1, but it's just sometimes and almost rarely. Even I don't know what or who which labels or where. Until I read that Alejandro Hanafiah loves riding motorcycle not a car. And it's Ducati Streetfighter. Curiously, trying to find any informations about it or at least some pictures. Instead it's hotter than my first expectation. But I am speechless about its price. I know It's worthy, USD 40.000 makes sense for Street-Fighter although I could by a car with money that much. But it is so impossible to touch, hoping I could buy it or ride it, someday.
I fell in love with another Ducaties; Supersport 1000 Grey and ST4 Blue and 1000LE Red, what a cool name for Supersport, really sporty eaaa. Give me Ducati and I'll love you. There are some photos of Ducati, maybe you will fall in love with it. Or you can also visit Ducati for more information. There is still so many many cool bikes.
I ♥ it.

From left to right and left to right: 1. Supersport 1000 || 2. ST4s || 3. Sport Classic 1000LE || 4. Ducati 750 || 5. Street-Fighter || 6. Monster S4R

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