Monday, June 1, 2009

What The?

"When people act annoyingly or show their hate feelings clearly to you, it means they hate you because you make them jealous of your personal abilities which make you look so much better than them. So, don't be afraid of people like that because you are the winner, and they are totally the loser."
-Skolastika Natasha Kurniawati
Your 1st impression when you met her?
She thinks she is beautiful, but absolutely not.

What do you think about her?
s-t-o-o-p-i-d, sok fashionable.

Mention 5 disgusting things about her!
She thinks she is: hot, pretty, fashionable, queen of the class, .....smarter than us HA!

Your problem(s) with her?
The way she looked at me like I were a snail.
She teased me and others
She is so belagu and nyolot!

Mention 5 words to describe her!
nyolot, berasa cantik, bego, gak nyantai, tje f*ck

If she knew about this, what would you say to her?
  • Heh kalo lu emang pinter kenapa orang setua lo masuk ke kelas yang buat anak anak SMP khususnya kelas 8 dan 9?
  • Kalo lu berasa paling cantik di kelas, men, it's a big NO. Gak usah ngeliatin gua dan temen2 gua seakan kita lebih rendah dari lo. Mereka jauh lebih baik dari sudut manapun.
  • Dandan aja lo terus, otak gak punya. Gak kurang heboh tuh baju lo ke tempat les? Gak sekalian pake baju ngejreng embak embak, kan cocok tuh sama muka lo.
  • Berasa suara lo bagus? Your biggest fault is sang in front of the classroom like a princess from nowhere. Temen gua nyanyi santai aja jauh lebih bagus daripada lo yang lebai.
  • Kalo main game santai mbak, ingat itu tempat les bukan tempat biasa lu tereak tereak jualan kue basi!
  • Kalo emang lo ngerasa lebih pinter dari gua dan temen2 gua, tunjukin! Kalahin dulu nilai tes kita. Bisa? Kayaknya enggak.
If you could do everything, you would?
Kick her ass, give my middle fingers in front of her eyes, hit her face over and over again until she doesn't have it anymore, make her tortured until she kneels under my feet.

What the best and evil word to describe her?
A low-class-whore?

*Sorry if somebody feels touchy. But that's the fact right? Please act your age!

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