Wednesday, December 16, 2009



Good old past times. The all old memories when you were young. I can feel time is moving so fast and barely remember all the things, imagining childhood times, everything. I mean, all of them, exactly all of them. Everything's new, isn't it? I miss them seriously. I haven't heard about Hansons or Aqua anymore. The last thing I know about Hansons is: They came to Jakarta like five or six years ago, and that's it. Aqua? Don't ask. I suddenly talking about them because 1.) Yesterday I watched boyband at school (they can't be more eager, they are rock! And shameless haha) and 2.) because I read an really old dusty biographical book, it's my brother's. He mentioned about 911, Spice Girls, The Moffats, Boyzone, and others. His handwriting was awful though. Do you miss them anyway? By the way, I can't control my emotion lately. Often I feel so happy but it can be turned just in a couple minutes. I am not schizophrenia, I am just too tired and overexcited about the new Shasha. So, sorry if one day I write something weird. Or have I?

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CAROLINE said...

HANSONS love it ! <3 haha