Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sixteen Years of Living

What day is today?
Report day?
Yes, birthday! It's my birthday :) 22 12 2009 is exactly the day I am turning sixteen. So, happy sweet sixteen Sha. The downside is I am old. But I am old enough to have a boyfriend now yiiiihiiiii. Okay forget that hahaha. And in this happy day, my parents had to go to school to take my report. I am so satisfied because I have no red there ha! Aaaaand to make this day more special some of my besties make a surprise for me :) Hihihihi they are so nice. I love them and I won't wish for any better because I already have the best.

Thank you! Mj, EVelyn , Olen, Feby, Nyanya, SW, Fanie, Vina
THANKYOU is dedicated to every single person who gave me the card and cake, who wished me (sms, facebook, twitter, at school), who prayed for me, who gave presents to me, and everybody who already has the will but hasn't wish me. Hahaha I love you all. Your wishes make me feel alive and let's pray so it will happen. God bless :)



sasa ude gedeeeeeeeee

CAROLINA said...

cie sasa udah tambah tua hahaaa