Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Please realized that I am only talking about cheesecake and cupcake right now. Wow I wish these photos would be real right now, impossible. It's sooo yummy and creamy. And cute of course.

Magnolia Cupcake! NYC

So tasty. If you want make cheesecakes you can use this recipe. And here you go for cupcakes. Credit goes to Our Best Bites. They are delicious, aren't they? I want make cupcake soon. Or, if you want to buy it for me, I will be really happy haha. Nyum, love it ♥ I really need to go to Cheesecake Factory again perhaps.

Mmm, yesterday I watched Angels and Demons with Alice, Caroline, Acel. The best film that I have ever seen. Man, I didn't take my eyes off the screen even just once, too great and too amazing, terrific. And perfect. Tom Hanks acted wonderfully, couldn't be defeated. Thure Lindhardt who I like the most in that movie hahaha, guess what? He just played as a smoker guard who looked after Robert Langdon in Vatican Archives! And also Carmelango Patrick was adoreable in the middle and almost last. But not at the last. Wondering that people really like him, hmm I prefer The-blond-smoker guard. Wohooo, he brought a gun!

I am reading Sitta Karina's books which were published by Terrant. I borrowed all Sitta Karina's novels from my friend. Have just finished reading Lukisan Hujan and Imaji Terindah. Great books. Yeah reading is my way to not get bored with this super long holiday, at least I get something to do. Geez, I hate to say this but I think I miss school haha. Or friends?

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