Friday, May 22, 2009

Imagine If They Are Still Alive

OhmyGod, Ben Stiller has killed it. I like the way he swayed his flashlight.

I like Al Capone and his crew.
(Al Capone, Ivan The Terrible, and Napoleon Bonaparte)

I like Jedediah Smith and Octavius!

Like Abraham Lincoln said, they look sweet together.

Have you seen Night At The Museum II? You better watch it, what a cool movie. I watched it yesterday, filling my first day of holiday with Lala and Greita. We had so much fun and gossips :D Need gathering soon. And now I am getting boring with this looooong holiday. Love it but have nothing to do is driving me crazy. Talking about holiday, I finally got my nails done, it's shocking pink, good enough. But I haven't cut my hair off. I am not ready yet for summer! Have no plan where I am going to go on this holiday, hoping I can reach Bali (just a hope). Is Bali already irritated by Swine flu? That virus makes everyone scared to travel abroad.

Last night, I had a dream. A Really sweet dream. People say dreams are just imaginations and fantasies, so it will never come true? It was so perfect there, everything seems clear and awesome. White shirt is all that I can exactly remember about it. Please make it comes true, it is what I need in this monotonous life! I can hope can't I?

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